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Interior Architecture & Management

Hughesbruce provide Interior Architecture and Management of the project as an integrated and complete discipline. This provides a platform for streamlined communication throughout the project to ensure our customers vision and objectives are achieved and optimised.

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Space Planning

The benefits of skilfully engineered space can impact people’s wellbeing, contentment and productivity. Understanding the sensitivity of space and the emotional connection that people have with the space is the key to our design philosophy and the outcomes that we achieve.

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Interior Architecture

We are passionate about interior architecture, intelligent space planning and design, and the positive impact these can have on our customers operations. Our interior solutions excite the senses and bring a feeling of energy, abundance, elevation, and success.

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Our projects are fully managed with our customers objectives and aspirations firmly established from the outset. All decisions revolve around the strategies and planning we develop with our customers.

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We support our customers with the complete package of Design and Management which offers the best outcomes. We are flexible however, and can provide our expertise separately or in combination, to suit a specific customer or project.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Brief
  • Space & Concepts
  • Design & Docs
  • Build & Implement

Establishing the brief and clearly understanding our customers visions and objectives is essential and the most important phase of the processes and for transforming space and creating the successful effective results.

We are methodical and systematic in capturing business and operational information and really getting to know our customers and their desires for improvement and growth. Our reporting and return brief are comprehensive and thought provoking.

Our processes broadly involve:

• Conduct briefing meetings and questionnaires
• Prepare high-level statement of objectives and stakeholder expectations
• Prepare detailed briefing information and reporting
• Discuss high level options – cost effective, longevity, aesthetic
• Develop outline schedule of works
• Site surveys to understand parameters and complexities

It is our focus to explore, assess, and recommend solutions that provide the most inspiring, desirable and beneficial outcomes. We explore options, present ideas, provide advice, and develop the concepts with our customers ensuring informed decisions are made from all key elements, cultural enhancement, flexibility, aesthetics, longevity, sustainability, cost, and time.

The initial design process will involve a rigorous assessment of information gathered and many discussions with the steering team to determine the path forward to achieve objectives and valued outcomes.

The benefits of skilfully engineered space can impact people’s wellbeing, contentment and productivity. Understanding the sensitivity of space, and the emotional connection that people have with the space, is the key to our design philosophy and the outcomes we achieve.

Our processes broadly involve:

• Conceptual ideas, options satisfying the objectives
• Develop floor plan/s with design concepts.
• Develop concepts and presentation material
• Sketch planning – freehand and CAD documents
• Indicative costings
• Indicative timeline
• Engineer’s – A/C, Fire, Hydraulics, Electrical & communications
• Authorities’ – approval process

We provide advice specific to customers culture, aspirations and objectives and create solutions to ensure opportunities are realised.

Our documentation and specifications are thorough and provide clear instruction for quality and longevity of the fitout. The design intent is maintained and not subject to potential dilution through the fitout process.

Our processes broadly involve:

• Conduct steering team reviews
• Design development and finalise
• Space plans refine and finalise
• CAD Documentation Tender/Pricing
• Cost management plan develop and finalise
• Engineers – engage and instruct
• Authorities – liaise, review, gain approvals
• Timeline finalise and manage
• Tendered works, obtain costs, assess, cost management plan
• CAD Documentation Construction
• Contracts and orders – building works, services, furniture, features, all parties

We manage the fitout process and keep our customers informed of progress and site complexities that may arise. The fitout teams are selected and engaged, in consultation with our customers, based on cost, availability, experience, adaptability and preference. The fitout management process is actioned throughout the design and documentation processes so that when the fitout commences all is in place for a smooth implementation.

Our knowledge and management experience allows us to closely monitor the fitout so that the cost plan and program are sustained and expectations on performance and outcomes are realised.

Our processes broadly involve:
• Conduct site meetings and provide reporting – progress, program, risk mitigation
• Authorities approvals and integration
• Monitor performance and quality control
• Review shop drawings
• Manage procurement deliveries
• Project completion – review and report
• Logistics – relocation and connection